Lingerie and your Personality - Viviane Vietnam

Like the air we breathe and the water we drink, lingerie is a part of life so ubiquitous that it often goes unnoticed. Actually, lingerie plays an important role in our life especially women. It helps wearers shape their distinctive styles, thereby build up the personality, preferences and attitudes of each person. Discover yourself through choosing lingerie with Viviane.

Lingerie and your Personality - Viviane Vietnam

01. Pink

It cannot be denied pink’s place in fashion, specifically in lingerie, pink is one of the top sellers in the intimate apparel market. Pink is the color of romance, affection, and fragility. Those who gravitate towards pink tend to be gentle, sensitive, and mild-tempered; however, an affinity towards the bolder magenta end of the spectrum yields a more individualistic and non-conformist charm. Pink panties typify someone who is feminine and sensuous, gentle, and in need of affection. They tend to be the romantic types, so don’t be afraid to take your time with them. If your friends had to describe you in three words it would probably be something along the lines of “sweet, cute and adorable”. You’ve always been the baby of the group and you like a man that looks after you and treats you like the princess you know you are.

02. White

White is associated with innocence, light, purity, virginity, safety and cleanliness.  The woman who chooses this color generally has a lot of willingness to learn new things, but this also means that she often does not know a lot.  So, white-wearing, complying and innocent girls, you better put off your monastic attitude and add some color to your love life and to your underwear. It can also signify a fresh start, such as winter’s fallen snow. Looking to start a new chapter? Slip into some white underwear and make a change.  People in white are particularly open to suggestion expressing their ideas as well as their thought.

03. Colorful lingerie

These lingerie are suitable for girls who are naughty, active and energetic. They often prefer to take the initiative and lead others with their subjective thoughts. This is the type who desires freedom and hates the stuffy. And especially she will be very hot in the “sex" These women can be easily conquered by men who have strong personality.

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04. Black lace lingerie

Black is certainly the most seductive. The other colors are sexy too, but nothing screams out like black lingerie. Black absorbs energy to the maximum. It’s warm and active. It’s well used in lingerie to stimulate seduction. Commercially, black is a timeless fashion color. It is associated with slenderness, as people think black makes their bodies look thinner.  It is also a color of authority, power - and for the more dramatic black - creativity. An ebony underwear reveals the individualistic and powerful personality of a black panther.

Black is both negative and positive. It’s power and elegance, mystery and aggression. It’s all in how you wear it.  Black is particularly seductive and powerful, suggesting deep passions.  Black lace lingerie brings women a sense of mystery and seductiveness that stimulates men strongly. Such woman has a subtle charm by which she is able to lure men into her trap. However this color also shows her vulnerability: she is deeply in love. So ladies of the dark, try not to show your true feelings and stick to the role of the dominating femme fatale. You will be very hot and seductive in black lingerie.

05. Lingerie with simple style

This type of lingerie is for girl who loves peace and simplicity. She does not demand her man that must be gallant or romantic but she never forgives man who betrays her. She is also very loyal and do not like adventure in love.

06. Lingerie with motif and patterns

This type of lingerie is appropriate with girls who are cute, lovely and sweet. But in love she wants to keep in her own.  She is quite passive, mentality of waiting and fear of being hurt.  Women love motifs lingerie often not dare to risk and test, so preserving. When making a wrong decision, she is usually regretful, lamentable and torment herself. The world of lingerie is really wonderful. Through choosing colors as well as patterns, the style and personality of women are shaped. Lingerie helps wearers understand themselves, thereby gradually improve themselves better and better. Indulge yourself with perfect lingerie matching with your personality and style, my girls!

Lingerie and your Personality - Viviane Vietnam

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