How to choose perfect lingerie ? Viviane Vietnam

Any woman also wants to be beautiful and lovely in their own way. However, they do not always realize their true values through body language expressions. Partly because they are lack of the necessary information to understand the body language of what they need, so the appropriate and perfect lingerie is away from their idea.

How to choose perfect lingerie ? Viviane Vietnam

When you dress well from head to toe, you feel better! You are ready for anything, but the wrong piece of lingerie can ruin a day in one slip of a bra strap or visible bunch in the back. Not every piece of lingerie looks good on every woman, so when choosing the perfect lingerie for your body type, highlight areas of your body that you feel most comfortable with. With these tips, you’ll find something perfect for your body and you’ll not only look sexy to your partner, but you’ll feel beautiful, too.

In addition, when choosing the right lingerie for your body, remember that you don’t need to look like the models in the pictures. If you’re comfortable with your shape, celebrate it; if you feel overweight, then choose darker colors and looser items. In either case, your wardrobe underneath it all should always fit comfortably and make you feel beautiful inside and out. Besides, wearing the right underwear for your body shape is essential.

For the best results choose well-fitting undergarments that will complement your body. This will affect how good you look once you are dressed and will give you that great foundation. Viviane understands that Lingerie is more than just something you wear in the boudoir. It has the ability to give a woman confidence, even when no one else sees it. Lingerie is really a powerful weapon. So today, Viviane will share the secrets of choosing the lingerie matching with each body shape to nurture your love.

Hourglass body shape

The hourglass is considered the perfect feminine shape, there is not much to be done but to accentuate this particular figure. If you are one of these lucky few, all you really need is to dress smartly and look for clothes that silhouette your figure rather than hide it. The hourglass women may have a tendency to want to cover up their ample chest area as they feel they are too large at the top, some try to squeeze into bras with a smaller cup size as a hope to reduce the emphasis on the bust. In addition, lingerie with an emphasis at the waist as well as hot colors and strong patterns will show sexy curves.

Apple body shape

The apple is a wonderful fruit. However, apple-shaped women don’t always feel as wonderful. An apple shaped body tends to have a softer fuller middle with slim thighs and upper shapely legs. The main traits of your apple shaped body are: larger bust, broader shoulders, narrower hips and less defined waist. Because our Apples tend to have larger breasts, it is essential to choose a well-fitting bra that provides the correct lift and support you need. The right bra will give the best enhancement for your bust and will work towards balancing out your figure as well as being comfortable to wear. To create that body balance the apple needs to take emphasis away from the bust, shoulders and stomach and draw the eye to the bottom half of your body.

As bikinis can be bought as separates they can be easily mixed and matched, allowing you to using design, pattern and color to create that perfect bikini for an apple shaped woman. Wonder knickers and control pants can be classed as tools of the trade when it comes to Apple shaped ladies! Perfect for hugging in those tummies, the new second generation of slimming pants are becoming common place sales lines in most clothing departments and for young and old alike. Control pants and briefs are becoming highly recommended for keeping a flatter tummy and control of any wobbly bits.

Plus size body

Many full-figured or overweight women tend to feel awkward and have many difficulties while buying lingerie. Well, there’s no reason to feel so as there are a great number of options available. Viviane advises you to stop self-deprecating thinking and indulge themselves with corsets because this gives you a chance to show off your chest and to make some curves when the corset sucks in the waist, giving you that voluptuous look.

Besides, you also should try wearing babydoll to hide the weakness of waist. You look more seductive in babydoll made of silk, satin and veil material because of its softness and smoothness. In addition, you should choose deep cleavage bras that are really the best choice for you. Now confident and be yourself in hot lingerie of Viviane, girls!

Slim body shape

Women with a small bust often not confident in activities and have a complex about their lack of curves on top, but the right lingerie can leave a small-busted woman feeling womanly, sexy, and confident. You can add curves to your slim figure by wearing corsets and bustiers. They will help in pushing up your breasts and pulling in your waist thus giving an illusion of dramatic curves.

You could also try out sexy push up bra and ruffled panties to add bulk to your chest and hips. Look for cuts that show off skin and emphasize as much of your natural chest as possible, and consider colors and decorative elements that create the illusion of fullness. The advantage of slim woman is the ideal waist which is the dream of many women. So lingerie as bikinis that show your hot and sexy curve. Buying lingerie matching with body type is very important. Viviane is sure that women always know how to love and indulge themselves by choosing perfect lingerie to honor their beauty.

How to choose perfect lingerie ? Viviane Vietnam

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