Individual Security In E-Commerce in the World

( Security in e-commerce a matter to be considered if you want to develop e-commerce in the country, analyzes and use example to prove the statement above ? ANALYZE situation of security in e-commerce in Vietnam.

Individual Security In E-Commerce in the World

In this assignment, I will present about security in e-commerce in Vietnam. Firstly, according the survey of VNCERT in 2012, 54% government office did not record any the assault. This thing means over half of website in Vietnam does not know about the hacker although they already have had a “strong house”. Beside, government office does not measure about the loss in finance when hacker attract.

Individual Security In E-Commerce in the World

They choose random a website having (,78 website have the weakness in security in level “serious” and “high”.Though some figure above we can see that the security situation in Vietnam in Warning status. Nowadays, E-commerce becomes popular more than before. Every company want to promote their product, they need to use e-commerce to save money and more effective. We can see more and more company even a buyer use Facebook is a place where sell and communicate with customers, they do not need to waste money to advertising on TV.  Not only E-commerce was use in economy but also it was use in management in government. This thing is very important if security in e-commerce was not be strong, Vietnam can fall down to the hard situation such as the nearest event that is DDoS attract to DanTri, TuoiTre paper and some website of big company.

According BKAV average each week, Vietnam was be attract by Ddos. Hackers usually have 2 purposes that are the unfair competition especially between some commercial websites in order to that website cannot active. It leads to a result that company can lose a lot of revenue or customers by this action. As we know, there are a lot of company using website in their own operating so the Ddos Assault affect major of operating of each company. Accoring the report of BKAV, in this day, network security situation in Vietnam and the world is becoming increasingly complex. From 2013 to now, there were 2405 websites of office, company and enterprises were being hack by hacker.

According vice president for research and development of BKAV, currently there has more campaign spyware aimed to the government office, firms or company in VietNam. There are two ways to attack is applied. The first is stolen email account and use this account to send toxic mail. Specifically , the criminals pervaded VIP account of an agency by sending email attachments writing compelling content but hides malicious code to stimulate the recipient to open this file and put himself viruses , malicious pervade on the computer , or simply virus pervade via USB to the computer.

Once entered into the computer , the virus will get your account information , especially important email account , and look for many more file important documents , find email address for further attacks to insert malicious code into email sent to the account as well as other important other victims are acquaintances , colleagues that account . Secondly, that is fake email, send mail toxicity after taking the text file content critical to trick unsuspecting people open email attachments.

The list of addresses mail was used to distribute spyware email including the Ministry of Public Security , Ministry of Defense , schools , research institutes, Microsoft Office vulnerabilities hackers have been used as a weapon in the campaign spyware  targeting to Vietnam ( 51 % virus spread by word file is a text file , the file is 30 % excel and PowerPoint files is 19 % )  so we can see that there are a lot of important place and main of Vietnam. These places also hold some secret of military and economy. The important thing is the human resources in security E-commerce, if Vietnam does not solve or find out a lot of advisors, the military and economy of Vietnam cannot develop.

Some attack above is only a small example, nowadays, between the worlds of smart phone and computer is almost as one. There are a lot of people using smart phone. This thing help hackers easily to create a malware which can be operating on many different platforms, it make a strong ability to spread of virus. In 2014, there will be increase rapidly especially in the development of smart phone current. 

More than 1 billion smartphones sold worldwide in 2013 and this figure will be 1.7 billion in 2017 (according to IDC). Particularly in Vietnam, in 2013 there were 17 million smartphone users and approximately 7 million computers are in use).

In a prediction of network security situation in 2013, experts said the trend Bkav fake software, application to virus pervade on cell phones will continue in the coming years. In fact, in recent years aimed at rogue software smartphones not only increase the quantity, but also extend to objects through the eyes of fake antivirus software and deceive users.

After application Instagram , Angry Birds game , and even anti-virus software is malicious franchising , to turn the most popular browsers today as Firefox, Google Chrome ... also be disguised malware to attack users . Last November, a series of fake update these browsers have been on the market non-mainstream applications, taking advantage of high demand of users looking to spread malicious code. Fake software, applications became common problem and will continue to trend in 2014. We can see the difficult situation of security in Vietnam, but it must to be solve to develop the economy.

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Individual Security In E-Commerce in the World

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