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(www.c10mt.com) We are inviting you to visit Vietnam - Land of the Ascending Dragon. Come to the land of sun, sea, mountains and lakes, to a country unlike any other. Lying on the eastern part of the Indochina peninsula, Vietnam is a strip of land shaped like the letter “S”. It is bordered to the north by China, by Laos and Cambodia to the west, the South China Sea to the east and the Pacific Ocean to the south. Every year, millions of tourists travel to Vietnam and leave our country with wonderful memories and the desire to return as soon as they can. We guarantee that nobody will leave Vietnam disappointed. Those hungry for adventures will experience diverse thrills and pleasures of recreational travel, those looking for peace and tranquility will relax on wonderful beaches and islands. Asia Pacific Travel | VietNam Tour Operator | ThaiLan Package Tours

Asia Pacific Travel | VietNam Tour Operator | VietNam Package Tours

Visitors feel truly welcome in Vietnam when they experience our traditional Vietnamese hospitality. Vietnamese people are famous throughout the world for their kindness and open hearts. If you have the chance to travel around Vietnam, try to count how many Vietnamese smiles you see. That would be hard work! People are smiling and waving at you the entire time!  Welcome to Vietnam. Asia Pacific Travel Co., Ltd was founded in 2002 and is a privately owned enterprise operating under the International Travel License Number 01-014/TCDL of the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism Department. We are a member of the Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA), the American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA) and the Vietnam Tourism Association (VITA). We offer various and attractive excursions to every destination throughout Vietnam and the neighboring countries with our team of professional and dedicated tour guides.

Main Services Asia Pacific Travel and Inbound Tours

Main Services. Working with an experienced, creative, passionate and reliable staff, Asia Pacific Travel is proud of ranking among the leading tour operators in Vietnam. We have specialized in the following high quality services:

Inbound Tours (both ready-made and custom-made). Our tours mainly focus on Vietnamese culture and history. Furthermore, we design trekking, kayaking or biking adventure tours through remote areas and relaxing holidays at the beautiful beaches along our coast ...

Group Travel Beach Holiday Special Interest Tour. Classical Tour Golf & Spa Holiday Cultural Tour. Outbound Tours : Tours to destinations all over the world like Cambodia, Laos, Bali – Indonesia, China, Europe, Hongkong – Macau, Korea, Singapore – Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand, Canada, USA and many more. Visa services. Fast and easy procedure within the shortest time and at most reasonable prices. We guarantee that you obtain visas to Vietnam and to the other countries in our program.

Worldwide Hotel and Flight booking. Event planning and organization. MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions). Multilingual-guide Services. English, Italian, Vietnamese, French, Russian, Spanish and other languages upon request.

Joining International Travel Fairs. For promoting tourism in our attractive country and the services offered by ASIA PACIFIC TRAVEL, we annually participate in a number of international travel fairs such as Top Resa in Paris, ITB in Berlin, ITB Asia in Singapore, CITM in Shanghai, the New York Times Travel Show in New York, ITE in Ho Chi Minh City, ATF in Hanoi, WTM in London and others to ensure that we consider the latest developments in our business and to seek cooperation with partners from all around the world. We look forward to welcoming you to Vietnam.

Choose Reliability – Become Our Partner | Asia Pacific Travel

In a rapidly changing tourism sector, new challenges arise frequently. Therefore, it is important to satisfy your customers and to win their loyalty. With reliability and excellent service, a tour operator can establish a good reputation for your company by exceeding your customers’ expectations. An unreliable or careless partner will have the opposite effect. Choose the right partners.

At Asia Pacific Travel, we understand that you are effective holiday sellers and know how to attract customers. We know how to satisfy them and give them unforgettable memories, so that they will recommend YOUR services as well as ours. 

Why choose Asia Pacific Travel ?

- Reliability: Our long-term partners and our base of satisfied customers know that we keep our promises.
- Experience: In over ten years of business we have built a reliable network of regional partners and have organized thousands of tours with customers from countries all around the world.
- Learning Ability: Since our early beginnings, we have strived to improve the quality of our service constantly.
- Trust: We take excellent care of your customers and make sure they leave our country enchanted. Every Service we offer has been tested by ourselves.
- Customer Satisfaction: Our main goal and a key factor to our company’s ongoing success.
- Internationality: We have a skilled staff that is enthusiastic about travelling and tourism. We understand your culture and will be happy to show you our own.
- Sustainability: We believe in the concept of sustainable tourism. This means we want to preserve our country’s beauty and let our local partners participate in the benefits of tourism.
- Our Team: We are a family business with long-term employees, that are experienced, friendly and reliable.

Our History Vietnam Tours, Hotels and Travel Packages.

Thank you for visiting our site and browsing the exciting tours we offer! For affordable Vietnam hotels in the most convenient and exciting locations, let us assist you in booking reservations. At Asia Pacific Tours, we arrange Vietnam package travel at prices our clients can afford.

About Us. Asia Pacific Travel, one of the best tours & hotels seller in Vietnam, is always pround of being a great tailor made tours in Vietnam. As you probably know, our travel company founded in 1998, is one of nation's leading travel and tour company. It has major offices in Hanoi Capital (the north Vietnam), Danang in the central, Hochiminh city (the south Vietnam), work together with tour operators throughout the world as US , Canada, Australia, France, German, Norway, Finland ...and has been providing quality services to international business and travellers for over 10 years. Coming to Asia - PacificTravel, you will be served with many kinds of inbound and outbound package tours with many impressive subjects such as: cultural tours, world heritage tours, ecology tours, veteran tours, business tours and on your own choices.

Competitive prices, charming and professional tourist guides are considered by us as the real way toward great success in business. Beside package tours, our Company also serves you others tourist - relating services such as: Car rental, air-bus ticket booking, hotel and restaurant, visa arrangement, etc?

With the hope to inform you as much details as possible, please visit our website concerning our products, Package Tours in the North, Central & South Vietnam that we are wondering if they're on your requests. We are sure these materials are worth reading. Finally, we would like to emphasize that we are always at your disposal, and working hard with you is our great pleasure. If you have any requirement, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Asia Pacific Travel | VietNam Tour Operator | ThaiLan Package Tours

Vietnam Traveller's Fast Questions and Answers
01 / Where is Vietnam location ?
02 / How to go to Vietnam ?
03 / What places to see in Vietnam ?
04 / How many international border gate in Vietnam ? ( with China, Laos, Cambodia )
05 / How to get Visa to Vietnam ? Visa on arrival ?
06 / World heritage sites in Vietnam
07 / Taxi/bus from airports to cities/towns
08 / How many day to visit Vietnam ?
09 / What is the everage tour cost for a package tour in Vietnam ?
10 / How is the traffic in Vietnam ? It is safe when travelling by bike or motobike ?
11 / How is organise bike tour in Vietnam ?
12 / What is we should bring when taking your bike tour ?
13 / What is currency and how to exchange money Vietnam ?
14 / Homestay tour in Vietnam ?
15 / How about boat cruise and overnight Halong bay ?
16 / How is the road condition in the northern par of Vietnam ?
17 / My Cell phone can use in Vietnam ?
18 / How should i bring clothes and shoes when travelling or trekking in Vietnam ?
19 / Can i book the cheap room rate in Vietnam from 25USD to 30USD ?
20 / Learning Vietnamese with our tour guide ? Vietnamese Language Centers ?
21 / How to travel to Cambodia via mekong delta ?
22 / How to crossing border to Laos ?
23 / How to get Visa to China in Vietnam ? Bus from Hanoi to Nanning
24 / How to get Visa to Cambodia in Vietnam ?
25 / How to get Visa to Laos in Vietnam ?
26 / Do you have contact office in Cambodia ?
27 / Do you have contact office in Laos ?
28 / Where to do trekking in Vietnam ?
29 / What is we should bring when trekking in Vietnam ?
30 / I am a Muslim, , is it easy to find halal food ?
31 / Where to get Vegetarians Food ?
32 / Vietnamese Food and restaurant ?
33 / Where to go if  travelling with kids ?
34 / How do we book the tour, on internet or come to your office? How to pay ?
35 / Do you have office in Ho chi Minh city?
36 / How do we purchased domestic air tickets ?
37 / On the tour, does hotel provide the breakfast ?
38 / Hoi An Tailors for Women's Clothing ?
39 / How many days should be spent in Hanoi ? and Hochiminh city ?
40 / How many days should be spent in Sapa? What to do in Sapa ?
41 / What is your phone number in urgent case when travelling with us ?
42 / Do you arrange the honeymoon in vietnam?
43 / How to make the payment ? do you accept the Visa or travellers check ?
44 / Can you arrange for us additional 2or 3 days stay in some SPA in Wietnam
45 / How safe is Vietnam?
46/ What level of comfort do the trains in Vietnam provide and how safe are they?
47 / Is it a good idea to take gifts to present in Vietnam? What would be appreciated ?
48 / How about the climate in Vietnam for travelling ?
49 / Can we book tour when we arrive HCM city or too late?
50 / Borders crossing between Vietnam and Cambodia?
51 / How to use Credit/Debit Cards and Where are ATMs ?

Asia Pacific Travel | VietNam Tour Operator | ThaiLan Package Tours

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Asia Pacific Travel | VietNam Tour Operator | asiapacifictravelvn

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