A Unique Environment Diamond Island Dao Kim Cuong

(www.c10mt.com) A Unique Environment. Surrounded by water, Diamond island provides a uniquely tranquil environment that is strategically located only ten minutes from the city center and adjacent to the newly emerging heart of Ho Chi Minh city in Thu Thiem. It is a community that is very much part of the city, and, yet, closely linked with the natural elements of wind, water and light. A Unique Environment Diamond Island Dao Kim Cuong.

A Unique Environment Diamond Island Dao Kim Cuong

In Harmony With Nature. At the confluence of two rivers, Diamond island has been created with the inspiration of living in harmony with these natural elements. The design and positioning of the buildings have focused on creating a sustainable environment which maximizes the area of green space and encourages wind and light to filter through the development.

Exceptional Views. Diamond island provides exceptional views of the city skyline reflected in both the saigon river and our infinity pools – particularly at sunset. its location at a bend in the river provides dramatic views in all directions.

Feng shui of Diamond island

Feng shui seeks to harmonize and balance elements created by man with those of the natural world, and provides an important tool for understanding aspects such as energy flow which contributes to health, happiness and prosperity.

According to a study by singaporean feng shui expert, David hum, and vietnamese expert, Bao Thanh, Diamond island is located at the position that has the most prosperous feng shui from 2004 to 2080. the winding shape of the rivers in this area are seen by these feng shui experts to take the form of a dragon with its head rising with Diamond island positioned as the pearl in its mouth. The circulation and harmony of the two rivers also deposit rich silt, and more importantly accumulate vital energy in the area.

With a deep appreciation of feng shui, architect arata isozaki studied year-round water flow and wind direction to create a design concept based on wind circulation and light which would spread prosperous chi and vital energy to each apartment.

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ARATA ISOZAKI - The creator

Arata isozaki has established himself as one of the leading Japanese architects, theorists and teachers of his generation. his work has often acted as a bridge between east and West, exploring Japanese architectural traditions and introducing Western trends to Japan. he was awarded the royal gold medal for architecture in 1986 by the royal institute of British architects. Diamond island is his only architectural creation in ho chi minh city.


In order to create this natural environment, almost 85% of Diamond island has been devoted to public space which includes gardens, lawns, and other natural areas. These green areas are positioned along the waterfront as well as in the elevated areas in the center of the development which helps to create natural gathering areas and a sense of community.


The buildings of Diamond island have been arranged in five zones, and range in height from 14 to 29 floors. It includes a combination of apartments, duplexes, hill villas and sky villas – each with its own distinct features. The orientation of buildings has been established to maximize the views from each apartment - with each having a minimum of two distinct views of water and green space.

Design concept

Arata isozaki’s vision for the project was inspired by metabolism which was a prominent post-war Japanese architectural movement which harmonized ideas of architectural elements with natural forces. On Diamond island, these ideas have been articulated in the creation of a master plan and architecture that integrates the buildings with the natural elements of wind, water and light.

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Diamond Island apartment for rent HCMC

Dao Kim Cuong : An Exclusive Community

Diamond island was conceived with the goal of creating an exclusive community based on shared values and a common vision of the future. Successful people often have especially busy lives in which allocating precious free time for important activities is a high priority. these values often include a focus on family, health & wellness, leisure activities, and personal relationships.


It has been said that family is not an important thing – it is everything. Diamond island seeks to provide a community in which you can make the most of precious time with your family. This includes the wealth of facilities and experiences that are available on your doorstep. enjoy sharing the activities of your childhood with your family such as swimming, fishing, or kite flying – all available on Diamond island.

Health and Wellness

Mahatma gandhi observed that “it is health that is the real wealth, and not pieces of gold and silver”. as health and wellness has become an increasing priority, people value immediate access to facilities and professional expertise which will help them maintain a healthy lifestyle. Diamond island provides a wealth of activities and facilities such as a fully staffed medical clinic, international dentistry center as well as a yoga and fitness center, tennis, running track and other amenities.


Diamond island offers a variety of unique leisure activities which can be enjoyed at the end of a busy working day or during a well-earned weekend break. Boarding a yacht at the marina for a sunset cruise or enjoying a round of golf with friends on the lighted pitch & putt golf course are only a few of the many leisure activities available on Diamond island.


Diamond island has sought to create an environment and a sense of community which fosters the development of friendships and personal relationships. These may include special moments with colleagues and friends at the event center, or more private moments for a chat during a walk on the riverside promenade.

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Apartment management service The Ascott

Diamond Island : A BespoKelifestyle

The Ascott Limited is the largest international owner/ operator of serviced residences in europe, middle east, and asia pacific region. it has more than 22,000 serviced residences in 70 cities across more than 20 countries. Their award winning properties are more than serviced residences – they are homes away from home.

Diamond Island has partnered with The ascott to create serviced residences which provide the highest standards of service combined with exclusive and luxurious living. This partnership also allows the purchasers of premier residences on Diamond island to assign their apartments to ascott for leasing and management bringing one of the highest investment yield in the property market.

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A Unique Environment Diamond Island Dao Kim Cuong

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