How to use underwear right way ? Viviane Vietnam. Do not dry underwear inside out. Washing new underwear before wearing. Using antiseptic solution. Do not bleach. Do not wash underwear and clothes together. Hand washing and use soap. Wash underwear at 30- 40 ° C. Dry your underwear in the shade and fresh air. Wearing comfortable underwear when sleeping even naked.

How to use underwear right way ? Viviane Vietnam

1. Do not dry underwear inside out

Many people believe that the habit of drying underwear inside out will make underwear be cleaner. However, this would have the opposite effect.  In air pollution, drying underwear inside out will cause underwear is infected with bacteria and dust. Because the cigarette smoke, dust, virus, hydrogen sulfide and toxic substances in air accidentally stick to underwear. That causes itching, allergy and dermatitis. 

2. Washing new underwear before wearing

It is dangerous that you wear unwashed underwear. Because of the manufacturing process, it is common to add additives to handle color, fabric treatment...These substances are irritating to the skin. In addition, to kill termites, mold, irritant skin substances are also some remaining formaldehyde will be harmful to your health. Therefore, it is necessary to wash new underwear in fresh water, dry them in shade before wearing. New underwear must be washed.

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3. Using antiseptic solution

Although using soap to wash underwear is an ideal choice, you can use the antiseptic solution to wash your underwear. Because it’s main elements are hydrochloride and strong oxidants. These components are easily clean in water. It is required to wash your underwear clean.  

4. Do not bleach

In fact, many promotional products help white clothes are brighter due to the addition of fluorescence. This substance is a dye absorbs ultraviolet fluorescence likely to increase the brightness. If it enter the body, it quickly combines with protein in the body, difficult to excrete, thereby increasing the burden on the liver and skin irritation.

How to use underwear right way ? Viviane Vietnam

5. Do not wash underwear and clothes together

Outfits are often covered with dust and many bacteria, underwear usually have bacteria from the gut and urethral secretion. According to statistics, every 2cm cloth has 10-100 microorganisms, whether using water laundry detergent , it will only kill 80 % of bacteria , the remain ones  that cause the phenomenon called cross-contamination . So do not wash outfits and underwear together.

6. Hand washing and use soap

Hand washing your underwear as well as lingerie, we definitely recommend it for most of the lingerie. Soap is the smart choice when washing underwear, bactericidal ability of soap is good, less irritation. Because soaps are usually made from animal fat, vegetable safe for skins.

7. Wash underwear at 30- 40 ° C

According to experts, at a temperature of 30-40 degrees Celsius, a reasonable amount of dedicated nature or underwear laundry soap is completely dissolved. Wash in cool water will be best for lace or silk. Separate underwear when wearing. Do not use many detergent chemicals when wearing underwear.

8. Dry your underwear in the shade and fresh air

Not drying in direct sunlight, air dry your underwear in the shade, where they are exposed to fresh air but not the harsh sunlight. Not drying underwear in dark and wet environments because of many fungus. 

9. Wearing comfortable underwear when sleeping even naked

Do not wear tight underwear while sleeping because it will not be good for the blood circulation that will affect your sleep. It is good for your health if you are nude when sleeping because the vulva of women is often moist is the best place for bacteria. Keep your clitoris always dry, you will avoid many gynaecological diseases.

How to use underwear right way ? Viviane Vietnam

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